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Learning English is like learning to drive. You learn the theory and then you have to practice! But you need to be patient. It is not possible to learn a new language overnight. It takes time. When you make mistakes, allow yourself to be corrected and learn from them. Build your vocabulary with Spidergrams, synonyms, antonyms, theme building. Take for example the theme Rooms in a House. You can visualise the dining room, living room, kitchen, study etc. It´s like building blocks, you stack one word on top of another until you have a dictionary. If you´re a visual learner try Scrabble, Taboo, Charades or Pictionary. They are all aids to vocabulary building and you can have fun in the process. Failing an exam is not the end of the world as long as you can learn how to improve for the next time. Remember you can´t get it right all of the time. But above all, have confidence in yourself and enjoy the journey!

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Carole es una profesora de inglés establecida de Cambridge Delta con 8 años de experiencia docente en España. Está altamente calificada con un B.A. en idiomas.

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